Our Story

Hello and thanks for visiting our site,
I'm Stuart and with Louis, we founded Salve Herbal in early 2018. I have known Louis since we were 11. Now 32, we went to the same school, same University (Manchester) and ended up working in the same city London, for similar Accountancy firms. Louis at Ernst Young and myself at KPMG.

Like most people today, we have long been aware of the therapeutic impact of Cannabis and Cannabis derived products. For a number of years, I had been experimenting with Active Hemp products and how they could help my sleep.
I had bought numerous Active Hemp products over the internet and on ebay and I was extremely frustrated with the variance of quality, even when purchasing from the same brand - consequently, Salve Herbal was born.  
When we founded Salve Herbal we committed to creating products which are lab tested and manufactured to GMP/ GMP standards. 
Every product we make we take a bottom-up approach - we address a need for the product in our personal lives.  Our drops, we created to assist with the treatment of poor sleep, our Active Hemp cream for pain, for our parent's arthritis.  They are our guinea pigs and biggest critics!
We then work with suppliers, visiting industrial Active Hemp manufacturers across Europe and the United States, working with them to create a product which we then think is suitable for us, our families and our customers.
The current UK Active Hemp market is a real wild west. High-quality active hemp is difficult to find and there are too many people in it to turn a quick buck with what we consider are sub-standard products. To that end, we strongly support some form of regulation within the UK Active Hemp market and endorse the values of the United Patient Alliance and the good work that they do for the broader medical cannabis market.
Once again thanks for visiting our page, we really appreciate you being here.  Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions about our product range or all things active hemp related.
All the best, 
Stuart and Louis