Will CBD-Infused Drink And Food Be A Big Trend This Year?

There has been a lot of talk about Cannabidiol (CBD) in the past 12 months, with the substance becoming better known for its ability to ease a range of conditions, including anxiety, nausea, seizures, muscle and joint pain, and depression.  

As it becomes more widely known and adopted, it’s no surprise that it’s starting to appear in different products. 

Food Ingredients 1st recently reported on a US survey looking into the top food and drink trends for 2019. CBD-infused drink was named at number one on the list by the respondents to the questionnaire for the National Restaurant Association.  

Meanwhile, CBD-infused food came in at number two. The UK has already seen food and drink products containing CBD making it onto our shelves.

In October, Squeeze magazine highlighted some of the CBD-infused products available in the country, including CBD water, CBD chocolate and CBD-infused coffee.  

It’s great to see CBD becoming more accepted in mainstream society. There’s a wide range of anecdotal evidence that it can help people manage a range of conditions and in some cases can make a significant positive difference to the quality of someone’s life.  

For anyone who’s new to CBD products, it’s important to note that they either contain no THC or very low levels of the THC that is also found in cannabis and hemp plants. It’s THC that gives cannabis its psychoactive effect.  

The lack or low level of THC means that you won’t get high from using CBD oil or other CBD products. In some cases, small amounts of THC are included in the oil because this amplifies the effect of the CBD and makes a product more effective.

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