CBD Review: The silent man

The internet is a power tool and it is incredible at connecting people. Louis and I have found twitter and Instagram as incredible tools at discovering people and learning what are the benefits of CBD.

We developed our CBD as a natural sleep aid and our cream as a CBD cream for pain - to treat our parents arthritis. 

However, our customers have contacted us and we have learned that they use high quality CBD drops to treat all sorts of ailments, from pain, insomnia, but also stress and anxiety. 

CBD leaf

Stephen at Silent man, runs a fantastic and very worth while blog dealing with men's reticence to talk about their existence in relationship and with their parents.

He wants to develop a network for men where they are able to share their experiences, this seems like a toughly worth while calling.

Stephen reached out to us as he wanted to understand the impact that our CBD oil had on anxiety and stress.

In a really comprehensive post our favourite comment is  "the product does what it is intended to do in my experience, which is to help me sleep and I certainly do manage to beat my target of seven hours a night. Normally, I will sleep for at the most, six hours but since using the 5% Hemp Oil product from Salve Herbal, my sleep has increased to over seven and a half hours on average."

Many thanks for your CBD review Stephen and look forward to reading about your journey 

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