Review: Housewife hustle reviews our 5% Oil

CBD Oil review

Jenni from Housewife Hustle, recently reviewed our 5% CBD oil.

We were pleased that Jenni decided to review our oil as she is not someone who would usually support Marijuana based products. However, she had read about how CBD can help with stress and anxiety and how CBD can help pain management and so was subsequently curious. 


CBD oil

Jenni's story of taking a "shift in her life to being more opening minded"  is one I think we are seeing more and more, with CBD acting as not only a great product to treat many conditions but also to educate users about the possible benefits of currently prohibited compounds

Jenni being a new user to CBD also underlines what we at Salve herbal have always thought- that the industry needs a touch more regulation. We would like to see UK CBD lab testing and reports and self regulation via an industry body

The US is decades ahead of the UK and Jenni who lives in the US in the creation of the quality control and CBD standards which we wouldn like to to see in the UK.

We are really pleased Jenni enjoyed using our CBD and our favourite quote it 

"I have even had some of my eye doctors recommend CBD. They were right. When I use CBD, my eyes feel better within the hour. It genuinely helps my anxiety and insomnia too."

If you would like to read Jennis review in full please click here

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