CBD and Arthritis!

As promised we've been working hard and have some great news to update everyone with - we are releasing a CBD freeze therapy cream!
Louis and I got into the CBD business because we loved CBD. I had been suffering from insomnia and anxiety and found that CBD helped my personal health issues
I struggled for a place to buy good value, high quality CBD in the UK for sometime. Purchasing off ebay I found the quality suspect and even the hemp products on amazon were variable and no one offered lab reports.
Louis too had been using CBD to help him get a great night sleep but he too found CBD in the UK to be very variable in quality.
As old school pals with a shared love of CBD,  we came together to form Salve Herbal, with a mission to bring high quality, ethical and cheap CBD to the UK.
We had always planned to start with oral CBD drops but with both our parents suffering from arthritis we hoped to find the right product to help alleviate their symptoms - and this product was a cream
We're pleased that we've moved from testing our new CBD joint rub on the parents (Dad grudgingly tells me "It seems to help", Thanks Dad) and even they are now converts.
This product was hard to make, Europe is a bit behind America when it comes to CBD products and in order to create the right product we had to go to the States and work with a manufacturer specialising in CBD rubs. We are really pleased with out cooling CBD rub and we are pushing really hard to get this to market before Christmas! 
We do not go to market until completely confident in the quality of our full CBD range.
Finally its not all hard slog at Salve Herbal towers - I had the chance to to take a week off with the family (hence the new blog posts) and I write this from Sunny Cyprus!
Stay tuned
Stuart and Louis


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