Londom Rugby 9s

Last weekend Louis and I had a great time at the London rugby 9s festival.

9s is a great format of the sport. Teams of 9s plays 15 miniute high intensity rugby with trys scoring 4 an a conversion scoring 2.

Salve Herbal had become involved with 9s through our sponsorship of the welsh mighty ducks, in for a penny we were in for a pound and decided to sponsor the tournament too.

Active Hemp products have become increasingly polular with high impact atheletes where the restive properties of actvive hemp have allowed atheletes to train harder and recover quicker.

In addition the long known anti-inflamatory properties of active hemp have resulted it being used from elderly arthritis sufferers to MMA fighters.

Its such a fascinating time to be unlocking the properties of these products.

The festival was such a great experiance

 With teams coming from america and across europe it was always going to be tough going for our team the mighty ducks. But with 2 wins 1 loss and 1 draw they did us proud.

Belows a pic of our welsh warriours in our kit

 And a great try powered by Active Hemp

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