Hello and new products!

Hi everybody

Louis and I have been busy in Salve Herbal's headquarters which is why we haven't been updating our CBD blog as much as we would like!

To catch up though, heres what we have been working hard on. Louis and I have been working on developing our own peppermint CBD drops.

We're big believers in the power of full spectrum CBD. Full spectrum CBD means that our CBD contains all the products of the Hemp plant. CBD, CBG ,CBDA, THC THCA.

We decided to produce full spectrum CBD products because like a musical orchestra we believe that instruments playing in concert together is better than soloists! In pharmacy this is called the amplifier affect. Where one compound amplifies the impact of another.

This is contrast to CBD made from isolate, where the CBD of the hemp plant is extracted crystallised and then dissolved in a carrier oil.

Its a "full spectrum" of the CBD which gives our drops their distinctive planty taste.

While we have grown to love the taste we are aware as that for first time consumers it can be strong and off putting hence our search for the perfect peppermint CBD drops.

Well we are pretty pleased we have cracked it - working with a US manufacturer we have developed our own peppermint drops which are hoping to bring to market at the back end of December!

From now on we will try to post more news about what we are doing and developments in the CBD market.

Kind regards and thanks for reading

Stuart and Louis

Salve Herbal

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