Happy New Year!

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Well, we are now well rested and probably a few Kg heavier after a wonderful Christmas period!

We wish all our customers success for 2019.

Louis and I are really excited about 2019 being a big year for Salve Herbal and the CBD industry generally.

Almost every day we see a new article in the mainstream press promoting CBD's benefits - which whilst we very familiar, we are very keen for others to experience

Unfortunately, it wasn't all resting over the holiday, we headed over to visit one of our European suppliers.

Louis and I are constantly striving to ensure we source only the highest quality CBD products and as a result, visit our suppliers as often as possible.  It was a great trip as we got to know them better and it gave us the opportunity to explain what we wanted from our products.

We also put the lab coats on in the continual search for more CBD cannabinoids. Here we are separating CBD, THC and CBG

All the best for the new year! and we promise more updates on CBD and our products!

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