First Child In UK Prescribed Active Hemp Oil For Epilepsy

A two-year-old girl who suffers up to 30 epileptic seizures a day has become the first child in the UK to be prescribed Active Hemp oil drops in a bid to help her manage her condition, which was triggered by a chromosome disorder that she was born with.

According to the Daily Mail, Jorja Emerson’s parents persuaded a neurologist at London’s Portland Hospital to help their daughter, who was labelled terminal by doctors in Northern Ireland.

But thanks to tireless campaigning on the parts of Robin and Carly Emerson, the little girl can now be administered cannabis oil using a syringe, with a couple of drops placed on her tongue twice a day.

Mr Emerson was quoted by the news source as saying: “It will take a while to kick in, but after a few days we will hopefully see a drop in the seizures, and then we will gradually wean her off the other medication. I'm hoping that in about six weeks, she will be off all the other medication and not be having seizures.”

The first adult in the UK has also just been prescribed cannabinoid oil to help relieve pain – former university lecturer Carly Barton, 32.

She was once a fine art lecturer but developed fibromyalgia after suffering a stroke in her early 20s, leaving her in constant pain. According to the Sunday Telegraph, she had been using cannabis illegally to help her manage her symptoms but she was recently prescribed medicinal cannabis by a private pain specialist.

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