CBD Review: Lauren Can't Even

Another entry in our series of Blog reviews, Lauren at her blog  tried our 5% drops 

Lauren had heard about the health benefits of taking CBD . And, being a beauty blogger she was also interested in the possibility of hemp oil products being used to moisturise and cleanse skin.

CBD oil 5% UK

The positive benefits CBD salves have on pain, inflammation and eczema  is well documented so Lauren's interest makes sense.

Lauren also wanted to see the benefits of CBD oil on pain relief and anxiety,

We are pleased to report that Lauren had a great experience with our CBD.

Our favourite quote is :

" couple of hours before bed I dropped a few drops of the oil underneath my tongue, held it there for 60 seconds and then swallowed it. The taste isn’t all that but you kind of get used to it. After taking a few drops of this I had the best nights sleep, I mean, don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t knock you out in that minute or make you drowsy but the second your head hits that pillow, you’re asleep! No tossing or turning and I woke up feeling refreshed."

 Click here to read Lauren's CBD review in full 

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