Active Hemp & post exercise recovery

The ache that you feel in your muscles is a sign that you have been working them hard and working out. It means that muscle tissue has been torn and is growing back strong. If we think about weight lifting, if you lift a heavy enough weight for a number of repetitions, if you are undertaking this exercise correctly, microtears appear in the targeted muscle.

This prompts the body to adapt by increasing the size and strength of the muscle to deal with the external loads placed upon it.

The soreness experienced after a hard gym session is a result of muscular damage and inflammation, and inflammation itself is the way the body heals itself.

However, inflammation and soreness while natural can also be a pain to athletes in training. You cant run if your legs hurt. As everyone is aware ice baths, cold showers have long been used to try and reduce inflammation by reducing the bodies inflammatory response to training. 

It now seems that Active Hemp might be another weapon in the athletes tool in post exercise recovery . Active Hemp is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties.  A great review of the scholarly articles on Active Hemp reducing inflation can be found here 

A a result massage therapists and physical therapists have started to include Active Hemp oils and creams into their treatment repertoires. Top-level professional athletes such as 2nd degree black belt and UFC lightweight and welterweight Nate Diaz have started to routinely use Active Hemp oils to combat pain and inflammation. Salve Herbal have also started providing Active Hemp to Rob Simpson a UK motor cross rider with our products for post exercise recovery

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