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Our 5% CBD oil was recently tested and reviewed by a healthcare blogger. Beka at Bekka daises  has been testing our CBD to help with anxiety and broken sleep.

Beka doesn't suffer from insomnia, but suffers from broken sleep waking up 5-10 times a night. Beka wanted to understand if  CBD can help with sleep.

CBD oil uk

There is a existing and growing body of evidence that CBD is good for aiding sleep both for a full nights sleep and for those who over sleep.  In one study  40-50% of subjects attained good or very good sleep quality over a period of 4 years

I was particularity pleased with Beka testing if CBD can help with sleep as it was poor sleep which is why I originally developed our CBD drops.

We are pleased to report Beka had a positive experience with our CBD and our favourite quote is:

"I can’t say definitively that it helps me sleep better.... a serious note, I am more active in getting up and out of the house in the mornings which is something my anxiety forbids me from doing. I still have my bad days, of course. It’s not medication, or a cure! But it helps to take the edge off, and helps me struggle less in situations where I usually would."

To read Beka's review in full visit her blog

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