CBD For Feet: Why It’s All The Rage Among Celebrities

CBD For Feet: Why It’s All The Rage Among Celebrities

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By now you’ve probably heard of cannabidiol (CBD), but most likely that it can be consumed alone or added to food and drink to help with a range of conditions.

 However, some celebrities have discovered a new use for CBD - and it’s one that any woman who’s ever struggled in high heels might be keen to try.

 Elite Daily recently revealed that Mandy Moore has been using CBD lotion on her feet to help ease the pain of high heels during awards season.

 According to the news provider, the actress opened up in an interview with Coveteur, explaining that last year she even went home early after the shoes she thought were comfy at the beginning of the night turned out to be anything but.

However, using CBD oil on her feet has helped alleviate the pain of uncomfy shoes and is making awards season more bearable for Mandy Moore and other celebrities.

 Olivia Wilde is another actress who’s been singing the praises of CBD, noting in an interview with the New York Times that not only does she use it on her feet, but that she also used it on her neck to relax her muscles and soothe aches and pains without resorting to painkillers.

 The Daily Edge recently revealed that CBD products can help with a range of conditions, including heel pain and neuropathy. It could just be these celebrities sharing their stories that boosts its use for these kinds of conditions though.

 If you want to give it a go, buy CBD oil in the UK from an established provider that can guarantee the quality of its products. Take a look at our range today.

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