"Can Cannabis save our son"

Last night, like many people, Louis and I watched Steph and Dom Parker from Googlebox investigate medicinal cannabis in Channel 4’s “Can cannabis save our son”

Parker family medical cannabis

The documentary followed Steph and Dom as they investigated and met families whose loved ones have been saved using cannabis oil. Watching it one could not fail to be moved and it was a mile away from the happy go lucky duo on Googlebox. Cutting very close to home for the Parkers, Max their 18 year old son suffers from epilepsy and has up to 100 seizures a day.

Despite the impact of cannabis products on epilepsy being well researched and documented it is only recently that some cannabis products have become available in the UK

Following the high profile and heart wrenching cases of cases of Billy Caldwell and Alfie Dingley  the Parkers like much of the UK have become more aware of the possible benefits of Cannabis oils, including CBD on epilepsy.

Unfortunately Cannabis oils and CBD for epilepsy still remain controversial treatments and can currently only be prescribed by specialist doctors in a limited number of circumstances.

Our view on this is that science in only just beginning to unlock and understand the positive benefits of CBD and cannabis oils and watching the trauma of the Parkers on screen only spurs on our desire to see the legalisation of cannabis products and the use of CBD oils and Cannabis oils more widely available and socially acceptable.

We look forward to the day, and it doesn't seem that far away when Cannabis and CBD is accepted as medicine. Unfortunately that day it cant come soon enough for families like the Parkers.

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