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  • Is CBD legal in my country

    Find out if CBD is legal in your country by using Slave Herbal's shipping table!
  • CBD & post exercise recovery

    CBD might be another weapon in the athletes tool in post exercise recovery . CBD is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties.  
  • CBD and arthritis

    “over the last three or four years my arthritis has spread to my thumbs, fingers and wrists.  I can’t use anti inflammatory products and was resigned to living with the pain.  I heard about Salve’s cream from a pal and gave it a try.  I am sure it helps, its cooling effect mitigates the pain straightaway and as an added bonus the aroma from it is fantastic.  I suspect the cumulative effects are better.  I am happy to say the product helps me manage my pain”
  • CBD and Parkinsons

     “In respect to PD, although the pre-clinical studies are promising, the few studies with patients failed to detect improvement of the motor symptoms after treatment with CBD."
  • Review: Housewife hustle reviews our 5% Oil

    Jenni from Housewife Hustle, recently reviewed our 5% CBD oil. We were pleased that Jenni decided to review our oil as she is not someone who woul...
  • CBD Review: Lauren Can't Even

    Another entry in our series of Blog reviews, Lauren at her blog  tried our 5% drops  Lauren had heard about the health benefits of taking CBD . And...
  • CBD and sleep

    As we originally developed our CBD Oil and CBD salve to assist with sleep and pain, we thought that we would pull together some of the current studies on CBD and Sleep.
  • CBD Review: Beka at Beka Daisies

    Our 5% CBD oil was recently tested and reviewed by a healthcare blogger. Beka at Bekka daises  has been testing our CBD to help with anxiety and broken sleep.
  • Review: The rise of CBD

    "Whilst using the product there has been less anxious periods and stress reduced from the idea of becoming anxious"
  • CBD Review: The silent man

    "the product does what it is intended to do in my experience, which is to help me sleep and I certainly do manage to beat my target of seven hours a night. Normally, I will sleep for at the most, six hours but since using the 5% Hemp Oil product from Salve Herbal, my sleep has increased to over seven and a half hours on average."
  • CBD For Feet: Why It’s All The Rage Among Celebrities

    CBD For Feet: Why It’s All The Rage Among Celebrities   By now you’ve probably heard of cannabidiol (CBD), but most likely that it can be consumed ...
  • CBD Review: CBD and anxiety

    "Ive felt calmer, even with my anxiety being at its normally high levels i have felt over all just more peaceful and calmer and this is the only thing i can put it down too really!"