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We produce the finest quality CBD products available in the UK

From plant to product, our fully lab tested CBD range adheres to GMP standards and we are confident that we cannot be beaten on quality

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Finest quality active hemp oil on the market

Unlike other brands, our hemp plants are grown, extracted and distilled in Europe. The CO2 extracted active hemp, full spectrum oil is mixed with cleaned Hemp oil to deliver a strong active product

We work hard to ensure that our product is the best available in the UK market

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What is CBD oil and is it right for me?

CBD is an amazing naturally occurring compound that occurs not only in the cannabis sativa plant but also in the human body itself.   

CBD is believed to have wide therapeutic potential. It has been used for thousands of years and has been reported to help individuals experiencing nausea, seizures, migraines, anxiety, chronic itch, muscle pain, joint pain, depression, and much more.


Has made a tremendous difference to my life .My anxiety has subsided significantly. I would highly recommend this product ,its a life saver

Ms McEvoy

I've used this site for some time and as always they have been 100%, saved me a lot of pain and discomfort with a good product.


Fast and efficient service from Salve Herbal, will definitely use them again for my next order!! Many thanks.


I've always suffered with anxiety which has had an impact on my sleep. A friend of mine recently recommended I try hemp oil. I found this brand on amazon and so far I have been taking a few drops each night before bed. It has the effect of levelling the nerves and worry that keeps me awake and have been sleeping like a rock since. Unexpectedly, I've also found myself to have more energy in the morning due to the improved quality in sleep so I cannot recommend the product more.

Vicki Hurrell

I've never left a review for anything but I know how hard it is to find an oil that suits u. I've tried dozens + not 1 has come close to this 1. It's bn Life changing. I hve severe M.E + Fibromyalgia + Arthritis + this oil helps me do so much more + recover quicker. It's great for sleep + pain + relaxation. U don't need much, start with just a few drops + wait a while before having more. It's one of the cheaper ones too so worth a try. I just hope they never stop making it.


I’m 52 bit going through menopause ,can’t sleep , I toss and turn at night , I have tried a few different oils but nothing beats this 10% oil . I highly recommend it , I’m on my second bottle , finally sleeping better resting better , I feel good . It’s thumbs up from me


Apologies in advance for the long review... but it really is justified!

Purchased this product for my dad who has recently been diagnosed with terminal multiple myeloma (bone cancer) - due to the nature of the illness, his bones are brittle and he was only diagnosed as a result of severe bone pain. The pain is so severe that it is agony for him to even cough.

We were recommended the oil and cream by a friend and my dad is now on his 4th batch! Through process of elimination we’ve worked out that this product is one of the only things that seems to provide some form of pain relief!

Anyone thinking about trying this product (or any of the oils offered by Salve Herbal which we’re also using)... don’t wait! Cannot recommend enough!!

Hannah Kitch

This cream is fantastic. I suffer from lower back pain after long days sat at work and tend to take meds to relieve pain. I decided to give this a go and so far am very impressed! Provides near instant relief with an incredible cooling feeling. Recommended!


I’ve tried a few different  products now and the Salve Herbal stuff is always quality. I work shifts and the 5% is an excellent sleep aid. My varying pattern means I sleep poorly generally and this stuff has been a great find. Also doesn’t leave you with the groggy feeling you can get from sleeping tablets. It seems to help with general anxiety too as I feel generally relaxed but the could be attributed to the better quality sleeping. To top it off it is delivered quickly and well packaged. Either way its an easy 5 star.